Dream project final, but it’s gone a bit pear shaped!

20 05 2007

Below is a picture of my dream project, but things haven’t gone that well. for the last piece i wanted to include myself in the dream, and the dream itself is based on my dreams of waves and surfing.


first of all, my tutor Mark told me that i had to use the original pictures rather than photo copies. i was hoping to keep the originals for myself. second, as i mounted the pictures on MDF, i used spray mount, which got on the pictures. where it’s come into contact with the ink, it’s blurred the ink and turned it a shade of blue. so now my final picture, has patches of blue on it.

Anyway you live and learn. Here’s the final preliminary



Self potrait

5 04 2007

Every artist has to do a self portrait once in their life, and this is mine.



How others see me.

When i first spoke to my tutor on the phone, for what ever reason i assumed that he was Caucasian. with a polite deep English accent, this was my first conclusion.

Imagine my surprise when i saw him, a five foot something, stocky west Indian fella, with 2.5 foot dreadlocks.

So in choosing a final piece for “how others see me” i did myself as a Caucasian speaking to someone at a call centre. She has no idea what origin i am.

The other is how i see myself. A surfer from Newquay, with a bible in one hand to show my religious side, a laptop in the other hand to show my love for the internet. The suit is to show my business understanding side of me, having been taught many business principles by my father, who now coaches financial advisors.


I used acrylics for both picture. It didn’t go well, but i was in a rush to finish.