Cornerhouse: Not On A Monday!

8 12 2008

I went all the way to Manchester last Monday, to see the new drawing exhibition, only to be told that its not opened on Mondays.”We are having a book sale.” I was told, However after a nightmare journey to the Cornerhouse, I was slightly miffed at the news, and a book sale wasn’t going to enhance my mood, so I departed, somewhat deflated.



A Mighty Change Of Heart. 251 word Synopsis.

20 11 2008

As a fledgling artist, I realise that soon I’ll have to work out what place I’ll take in the Art world. The question of “What is art?” can be as long and complicated as “what’s love?” Say “Art” to people and they’ll refer to various Turner prize-winners, or art that has made it to the mass media, with a cynical comment about what is and isn’t art.

Listening to an interview with Martin Creed on radio 4, I had a similar cynical moment. Creed was introducing his latest piece, number 850, which consists of a single runner running through the 86-metre length of the Tate gallery.

Creed explained that in his youth, he thought art was something that we look at, something hanging on the wall. Creed continued to explain that art was more to him than that, hence his latest piece.

I sneered at Creeds comments, with the usual “it’s all right for him, but if I tried that” remark, along with the question of; is this really art?

During my visit to the Liverpool Biannual, I experienced a mighty change of heart. At the end of the day, I found myself agreeing with Creeds interpretation of what art.

The five pieces that changed me that day were; Yongbaek Lee “Break Through” and “Angel Solider”, Leandro Erlich’s “Carousel”, Yayoi Kusama “Gleaming Lights of the Souls”, Richard Wilson “Turning the Place Over” and Annette Messager “La Dernière Séance”.

I would like to explain what brought about that “mighty change of heart”.

Drawing & Image Making FA2005 Image. Text. Narrative. Proposal

15 10 2008


I intend to work on four different areas.  Firstly, to work on Caricatures or cartoon based work. I am considering continuing the use of acetate for this idea, and to keep this very much a studio based project.

In my first year I created a “No admittance to” rant. This was inspired after a trip to Tate in Leeds, where there were very over zealous gallery attendants, telling people off for getting too close to the Artwork, or telling them not to take photos. With that project, I aimed to comment on the different class and social divides in our society, which I feel is still very prevalent, regardless of what people might think.

I am considering location work, which will involve placing each piece of the story/narrative in different locations, with instructions on where to find the next piece. I would prefer to carve the narrative on trees, but for the sake of not vandalising the countryside, I intend to place the narrative on paper then attach it to the trees.

Finally my cattle grid idea. I have always been fascinated by cattle grids, and I know a few jokes where cattle grids are included. There are a few in the area that I live. I would like to experiment with them.


I want to get my point of view across, and have people understand something about my character. Primarily, I want to show my sense of humor.  In addition I wish to enhance and display my drawing skills.

Previously I have never considered caricatures or cartoon-based work to be my strongest area, yet it is something I have always wanted to try. So my aim is to build my skill and confidence in producing such work.


I would like this to be either a paper based project, or as I have previously suggested, a continuation of the use of acetate. But in so doing, I would like this to evolve into something more than a 2D final piece.

Drawing & Image Making FA2004 Artist Books, Publications, Multiples, Editions.

10 10 2008


I propose to do a project based on creating a specific message or focus that may include a personal experience or event or political or social view. It may be as simple as receiving a speeding fine to recalling my wedding day.

I may also expand by researching into various mediums such as books, magazines, film, radio, and other media.

Half of my project will be based on presentation ideas, which include book making, using a variety of materials and differing medium.

I will concentrate on three artists. One associated with Zines, one contemporary artist and the third artist from a personal choice. I will look at various forms of illustration including cartoon, Zine and Graffiti artists.


I aim to develop my understanding of Zines and to broaden my confidence of various techniques and processes, in order to create a tangible product that can be easily shared and/or passed on.

In addition I aim to keep an account of production costs in order to determine the possible profitability of using Zines as a way to promote my artwork in the future.

Mediums and Materials

I’m looking in two particular areas to create my zine. One being the use of origami and the other is the use of acetate. I’ve included origami in a previous project and I enjoyed it very much. However I never felt that I developed the use of origami at that time, and so I would like to continue to broaden my understanding of origami in this project.

I’ve always enjoyed using acetate, whether it’s creating an overleaf for a magazine cover, or using it as a paint pallet, strangely enough! However, I don’t recall using it, on its own, in a final project. I intend to experiment with colour, shape, positioning and lighting with the use of small torches, as well as attemping to produce a more traditional feel to the zine, but using acetate rather than paper.


I want to keep my zine to a small run of around five to ten. Although I want them to be easy to carry and pass on, I would want to keep them fairly exclusive.

The lastest stuff, including George Bush.

19 11 2007

just a snap of my latest work, including a picture of George Bush that went horribly wrong


Back to life drawing………worst luck!

5 11 2007

As you might have guessed, I don’t like life drawing, so image my surprise (so to speak) when I discovered that I ‘have to’ do it as part of my Drawing and image making course. Great! But there is a silver lining, and it’s that this academic year, we only have to do it for 9 weeks (9 sessions).

Anyway here’s some of my latest life drawing stuff.


Dream project final, but it’s gone a bit pear shaped!

20 05 2007

Below is a picture of my dream project, but things haven’t gone that well. for the last piece i wanted to include myself in the dream, and the dream itself is based on my dreams of waves and surfing.


first of all, my tutor Mark told me that i had to use the original pictures rather than photo copies. i was hoping to keep the originals for myself. second, as i mounted the pictures on MDF, i used spray mount, which got on the pictures. where it’s come into contact with the ink, it’s blurred the ink and turned it a shade of blue. so now my final picture, has patches of blue on it.

Anyway you live and learn. Here’s the final preliminary