Text Narrative Installation – By Matthew Scarlett

6 04 2009

This is my latest project, a text narrative project. This originates from my “No admittance” rant that I did last year after experiences some very over zealous gallery curators in 2007. I’ll go into a bit more detail later, but for now enjoy.




Sara Watons’ Artist Performance

6 04 2009

Sara Watson is an amazingly open minded and experimental artist. I was able to view her latest piece, a performance entitled ‘Good Weekend‘. This involved Sara lying on the floor asleep for over 30 minutes. It was an amazing, spiritual performance! I never been much for performance art, but this was something else. Sara has done some other installation work, but I’m still getting over her performance piece.

Crazy Typeface, Inspired By Jim “The Duke’ Tewksbury.

22 03 2009


Can you see what it says?

This is a piece of work for my text narrative project. This is inspired by James Tewksbury “jim The Duke” who was in the same year as me When I studied Graphic Design at the Falmouth school of Art and Design. Jim (James) used to come up with this interesting if illeadgable typeface. It was so complex that I had to ask him to decipher it for me.

FA2002 – Proposal

28 02 2009


Having done a placement at Seabase in Newquay (my old home) I’m attempting to find out what home really means to me. Is it limited to a location, memories or maybe a commentary on my current state of mind or circumstances after the failure of my marriage?


  • To challenge how I see myself, both inside and outward.
  • To retrace some of my formative years as an artist as I return to where I believe my art life began, Newquay in Cornwall.
  • To further my documentation techniques.
  • To build a portfolio of work that I can present for promotional purposes at the end of the course. I am doing this so I can establish myself as an artist in the South West.


As I don’t have all the resources and facilities that the University has to offer, I have decided to use traditional image making methods as my main tools.

FA2002 Proposal

24 01 2009

In God We Trust

Being a member of ‘The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints” (commonly known as the Mormon’s) all of my life, one could say that religion is important to me. I would to create a project based on people relationship and social interaction with religion, whether for good or bad, from a personal perspective, or from a media perspective.


Due to my location, I would prefer to split my studio time between researching around the Lancaster area, and time in the studio.


I’ve have an interest in both paper sculpture and installation art, and I would like to develop further with both. I would also like to include some drawing as well, whether it be in planning of the installation, or in the final piece.


– gain a better insight into the world of religion.

– To better understand installation art, looking at aspects such as, construction, transportation, presentation and cost.

– create a fusion of contemporary religious artists and installation art.

Cornerhouse: Not On A Monday!

8 12 2008

I went all the way to Manchester last Monday, to see the new drawing exhibition, only to be told that its not opened on Mondays.”We are having a book sale.” I was told, However after a nightmare journey to the Cornerhouse, I was slightly miffed at the news, and a book sale wasn’t going to enhance my mood, so I departed, somewhat deflated.


Drawing & Image Making FA2005 Image. Text. Narrative. Proposal

15 10 2008


I intend to work on four different areas.  Firstly, to work on Caricatures or cartoon based work. I am considering continuing the use of acetate for this idea, and to keep this very much a studio based project.

In my first year I created a “No admittance to” rant. This was inspired after a trip to Tate in Leeds, where there were very over zealous gallery attendants, telling people off for getting too close to the Artwork, or telling them not to take photos. With that project, I aimed to comment on the different class and social divides in our society, which I feel is still very prevalent, regardless of what people might think.

I am considering location work, which will involve placing each piece of the story/narrative in different locations, with instructions on where to find the next piece. I would prefer to carve the narrative on trees, but for the sake of not vandalising the countryside, I intend to place the narrative on paper then attach it to the trees.

Finally my cattle grid idea. I have always been fascinated by cattle grids, and I know a few jokes where cattle grids are included. There are a few in the area that I live. I would like to experiment with them.


I want to get my point of view across, and have people understand something about my character. Primarily, I want to show my sense of humor.  In addition I wish to enhance and display my drawing skills.

Previously I have never considered caricatures or cartoon-based work to be my strongest area, yet it is something I have always wanted to try. So my aim is to build my skill and confidence in producing such work.


I would like this to be either a paper based project, or as I have previously suggested, a continuation of the use of acetate. But in so doing, I would like this to evolve into something more than a 2D final piece.