My Biro Art

11 04 2010

I’ve spent many months practicing drawing with a Biro pen. It’s going O.K. but of course practice make perfect.

I started on this wave, but after many hours (don’t ask how many) I decided that it was a project that I’d ‘come back to’. It didn’t go too well, however it is the first picture half serious attempt at drawing I’ve done for over two years. Well you know, taking a Degree in Drawing and image making, one doesn’t really get the opportunity to draw!


I’ve also taken on the mammoth task of drawing my boss’s son. I’ve just finished the final preliminary drawing. Again, I don’t like it, but that’s what a preliminary is for, making the making mistakes and working out certain aspects before the final piece.


FA2002 – Proposal

28 02 2009


Having done a placement at Seabase in Newquay (my old home) I’m attempting to find out what home really means to me. Is it limited to a location, memories or maybe a commentary on my current state of mind or circumstances after the failure of my marriage?


  • To challenge how I see myself, both inside and outward.
  • To retrace some of my formative years as an artist as I return to where I believe my art life began, Newquay in Cornwall.
  • To further my documentation techniques.
  • To build a portfolio of work that I can present for promotional purposes at the end of the course. I am doing this so I can establish myself as an artist in the South West.


As I don’t have all the resources and facilities that the University has to offer, I have decided to use traditional image making methods as my main tools.

A Mighty Change Of Heart. 251 word Synopsis.

20 11 2008

As a fledgling artist, I realise that soon I’ll have to work out what place I’ll take in the Art world. The question of “What is art?” can be as long and complicated as “what’s love?” Say “Art” to people and they’ll refer to various Turner prize-winners, or art that has made it to the mass media, with a cynical comment about what is and isn’t art.

Listening to an interview with Martin Creed on radio 4, I had a similar cynical moment. Creed was introducing his latest piece, number 850, which consists of a single runner running through the 86-metre length of the Tate gallery.

Creed explained that in his youth, he thought art was something that we look at, something hanging on the wall. Creed continued to explain that art was more to him than that, hence his latest piece.

I sneered at Creeds comments, with the usual “it’s all right for him, but if I tried that” remark, along with the question of; is this really art?

During my visit to the Liverpool Biannual, I experienced a mighty change of heart. At the end of the day, I found myself agreeing with Creeds interpretation of what art.

The five pieces that changed me that day were; Yongbaek Lee “Break Through” and “Angel Solider”, Leandro Erlich’s “Carousel”, Yayoi Kusama “Gleaming Lights of the Souls”, Richard Wilson “Turning the Place Over” and Annette Messager “La Dernière Séance”.

I would like to explain what brought about that “mighty change of heart”.

Drawing & Image Making FA2004 Artist Books, Publications, Multiples, Editions.

10 10 2008


I propose to do a project based on creating a specific message or focus that may include a personal experience or event or political or social view. It may be as simple as receiving a speeding fine to recalling my wedding day.

I may also expand by researching into various mediums such as books, magazines, film, radio, and other media.

Half of my project will be based on presentation ideas, which include book making, using a variety of materials and differing medium.

I will concentrate on three artists. One associated with Zines, one contemporary artist and the third artist from a personal choice. I will look at various forms of illustration including cartoon, Zine and Graffiti artists.


I aim to develop my understanding of Zines and to broaden my confidence of various techniques and processes, in order to create a tangible product that can be easily shared and/or passed on.

In addition I aim to keep an account of production costs in order to determine the possible profitability of using Zines as a way to promote my artwork in the future.

Mediums and Materials

I’m looking in two particular areas to create my zine. One being the use of origami and the other is the use of acetate. I’ve included origami in a previous project and I enjoyed it very much. However I never felt that I developed the use of origami at that time, and so I would like to continue to broaden my understanding of origami in this project.

I’ve always enjoyed using acetate, whether it’s creating an overleaf for a magazine cover, or using it as a paint pallet, strangely enough! However, I don’t recall using it, on its own, in a final project. I intend to experiment with colour, shape, positioning and lighting with the use of small torches, as well as attemping to produce a more traditional feel to the zine, but using acetate rather than paper.


I want to keep my zine to a small run of around five to ten. Although I want them to be easy to carry and pass on, I would want to keep them fairly exclusive.

The Dream Project

9 05 2007

this is for my fellow headphone enthusiasts at






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18 04 2007

I know that some friends and family have been on this site/blog. Please leave a comment by clicking the comment link at the bottom of each post. It’ll be good to hear from you.

Hello world!

1 04 2007

Welcome friends and family to my art blog. I’ve set this up not only for the purpose of my universtiy course, but so i can show everyone, how bad my art work is.

Happy viewing