Henner’s put on hold

24 06 2010

I’ve just seen that there is a nother discrepency with my Bic biros with the second picture of ‘Henner’s’ my Boss’s son. On the first version the fault was mine. I used a lower grade bic biro and the difference was obvious. However with ‘Henner’s 2.0’ I don’t know what’s happened. I’ve used the same two pens however the colour seems to have changed. Ink, Paper, the dayligh lamp shinning on it, I really don’t understand what’s gone wrong,. however the difference in the colour sticks out like a saw thumb.

So over 100 hours … wasted.

Henner’s 1.0

Henner’s 2.0


Quick sketch

2 04 2007

I did this just to past the time one morning in university. I miss the surf at Newquay, where I spent many happy years.


Older Drawings

1 04 2007

Here are a few drawings that I’ve managed to keep over the years. The first one is of my sister Briony when she was 3 years old, if I can remember rightly. I did a few preliminaries first including the picture on the left, and the picture on the right was supposed to be a practice for the final piece, instead of a final piece.

Briony is now 11 years old.

‘Briony 1998 I think


This was a commission that i started and never finished, as you can tell. To do this I brought a set of cheap colouring pencils from Chester road market in Newquay. 5-10 hours into the project i realized my mistake in using rubbish pencils, but carried on anyway. I spent more than 45 hours on this piece.

‘Foden Truck’ 1995