Dream project final, but it’s gone a bit pear shaped!

20 05 2007

Below is a picture of my dream project, but things haven’t gone that well. for the last piece i wanted to include myself in the dream, and the dream itself is based on my dreams of waves and surfing.


first of all, my tutor Mark told me that i had to use the original pictures rather than photo copies. i was hoping to keep the originals for myself. second, as i mounted the pictures on MDF, i used spray mount, which got on the pictures. where it’s come into contact with the ink, it’s blurred the ink and turned it a shade of blue. so now my final picture, has patches of blue on it.

Anyway you live and learn. Here’s the final preliminary



The Dream Project

9 05 2007

this is for my fellow headphone enthusiasts at headfi.org






Life Drawing My Own Way

6 05 2007

Usually in our life-drawing sessions, we are instructed by our tutor of what mediums to use, and sometimes what style to draw. For our last few sessions we were able to choose for ourselves, how to draw.

Although we were given this freedom that doesn’t mean that I enjoyed life-drawing any more than I usually do. I still find life-drawing boring, and tedious.

However, here are my efforts.




Forgotten works of Matthew Scarlett.

3 05 2007

Just a quick update of some of my artwork that I forgot about.

The first was a one week project, for which we had to come up with five final pieces. Atmosphere, human interactive, an object, and I can’t remember what the other two subjects were.


Whilst i never went on the London trip, that doesn’t mean i didn’t have any work top do. Mark (my tutor) set me a project on the shape and colour of a musical piece. i chose it on “steeping stones” by Johnny Harris taken from the album Shaken Not Stirred (cd 1).

Next to it (right) is a brilliant creation from Sarah Watson, taken from her experience of the London trip.