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18 04 2007

I know that some friends and family have been on this site/blog. Please leave a comment by clicking the comment link at the bottom of each post. It’ll be good to hear from you.


The church of DIY

5 04 2007

This was a project called house and home. Basically we had to create a final piece around the concept of DIY. Anything from magazine covers, wallpaper, diy on tv, anything.

i choose the final piece by using laminate flooring.

The church aspect is to show that DIY has an almost religeous like following.

The silhouettes get smaller as they get closer to the doors. I put it there after my friend Samuel suggested it in one of our ‘idea seminars’.

It’s to enhance the feeling of perspective.

Thanks for the tip Samuel, it worked well.






Self potrait

5 04 2007

Every artist has to do a self portrait once in their life, and this is mine.



How others see me.

When i first spoke to my tutor on the phone, for what ever reason i assumed that he was Caucasian. with a polite deep English accent, this was my first conclusion.

Imagine my surprise when i saw him, a five foot something, stocky west Indian fella, with 2.5 foot dreadlocks.

So in choosing a final piece for “how others see me” i did myself as a Caucasian speaking to someone at a call centre. She has no idea what origin i am.

The other is how i see myself. A surfer from Newquay, with a bible in one hand to show my religious side, a laptop in the other hand to show my love for the internet. The suit is to show my business understanding side of me, having been taught many business principles by my father, who now coaches financial advisors.


I used acrylics for both picture. It didn’t go well, but i was in a rush to finish.

Quick sketch

2 04 2007

I did this just to past the time one morning in university. I miss the surf at Newquay, where I spent many happy years.


Life Drawing

1 04 2007

I don’t think anyone in my universtiy group really enjoys life drawing. Although life drawing is a foundation to art (if you can draw the human figure accurately you can draw anything) i still find it boring.

I’m sorry if some appear sideways.


Older Drawings

1 04 2007

Here are a few drawings that I’ve managed to keep over the years. The first one is of my sister Briony when she was 3 years old, if I can remember rightly. I did a few preliminaries first including the picture on the left, and the picture on the right was supposed to be a practice for the final piece, instead of a final piece.

Briony is now 11 years old.

‘Briony 1998 I think


This was a commission that i started and never finished, as you can tell. To do this I brought a set of cheap colouring pencils from Chester road market in Newquay. 5-10 hours into the project i realized my mistake in using rubbish pencils, but carried on anyway. I spent more than 45 hours on this piece.

‘Foden Truck’ 1995


Hello world!

1 04 2007

Welcome friends and family to my art blog. I’ve set this up not only for the purpose of my universtiy course, but so i can show everyone, how bad my art work is.

Happy viewing